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Intelligent UAV for delivery and other service: Nowdays with advancement,there is need in the automated system of delivery.As the ecommerce sector sprung a automated drone logistics service is necessary.so that customer get 24X7 delivery with less time.Apart from that there from the prospective of ecommerce player it will be delivery on time in hassle free,with efficient saas delivery management for drone.Not only that it can also play a great role for other service such as sport,tourism etc.



Making a world class AI based drone manufacturing unit in india which is help to make service in diffrent industry sector. Wearable robotics:Soft and hybrid Exosuit: Lower body exoskeletons for rehabilitation or as quality-of- life enablers are available today. But systems that augment or amplify on-the- job performance are next. “This means assisting with industrial tasks that require heavy lifting, or easing extended standing, squatting, bending, or walking in manufacturing facilities and in the construction and farming industries.” Overexertion by workers costs employers $15 billion a year in compensation, so providing protective Exosuits could make good business sense.

Abhijit Das (Director)

Rudra Nath Ghosh (Founder )

Sourav Ghosh (Director / COO )